It’s ok


It’s ok leaving, it’s ok to said “see you later” (isn’t a goodbye, never a goodbye), it’s ok taking that flight, it’s ok felling like crap.

It’s ok. It’s ok.

I’ve spend the last 3 days chilling, doing nothing, what I get? Insomnia. I’m an over thinker, and I know that; but sometimes is more strong that my will.

I didn’t know me as a procrastinating person.

I’m tired, physically and mentally, going back home is not a bad idea.

It’s ok to be confused.

I didn’t sleep on the airplane. 12 hours plus other 12 spent changing plain and waiting for plain. I had a friend with me on the longest trip, but again, I wasn’t relaxed.

My mind was empty.

When i close my eyes and let the flow get me, I only think of myself there. I was free, tired sometimes, exhausted but never never unhappy.

I wasn’t born to drown.

The next stage is the tough one. Try to think with all my senses ready to take any good chances and ready to think positive. My mind is a mess now.

I’ll not cry on myself. I’ll figured out, because I know what to do.

I’ll selfish. I’m selfish.

It’s ok.



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